Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My grandson the clown!
(He is a great camping partner, btw).

roles and head games

After we married, Miriam and I divided up the house tasks pretty much on traditional lines.

I worked for money, Miriam took primary care of the kids, made a little money on the side and did the cooking. We made decisions together, mostly.

That was before I retired and before AD.

The kids are grown now, none live closer than 3 hours away. I cook, but the kitchen belongs to Miriam and I have to make a lot of decisions that WE used to make.

I work now, but I don’t work all the time. Some days I don’t work too much at all. But that good old work ethic guilt kicks in -- regularly.

My studio is comfortable and is equipped well enough and I spend a good bit of time in it, but I am not a great artist and I don’t produce master pieces. Mostly I don’t mind. It is not necessary to be best at much of anything, I am told.

But as time goes on, more and more of what I used to think was very important, does not get done, and what makes it worse is that that is OK -- I think.

Maybe that is OK after all, but guilt still talkes to me sometimes.

i wanted to photograph Emily (and my other granddaughters) with both of her front teeth out, but they did not come out at the same time!
When she was this age she spent a great deal of time at our house. I miss those wonderful days.
Then she lived 25 miles away, now she is 400.

sweet sixteen

Today is Emily's 16th birthday.

Hard to imagine it has been that long, and hard to imagine it has gone so fast.

She is a beautiful granddaughter, her grandfather is especially proud of her and her mother. Mom did a good job raising Emily!

We have 4 granddaughters: Jessica, Emily, Brianna and Amy. There is bit over a year between the first three of them. Amy is the youngest, but she is 13 already!

We are lucky grandparents!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden hat and garden computer!


We have had one of the coldest, wettest springs on record this year.

Only a couple of days in the 80's so far.

But yesterday made up for at least part of it.

102. Not what we expected or wished for, but we got it.

I was in the garden at 7 and I got a lot of work done by breakfast at 10.

Then I hid inside the rest of the day!

Today will be cooler.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I met Ron a long time ago.

We worked on the same construction crew. I was foreman, Ron was the guy with the good eye and the strong back. We became good friends.

Years passed and we kept in touch. His mother in law had inherited a valuable painting. She was going to sell the painting and do some noble job for mankind. She borrowed money based on the value of the painting and proceeded with a video production company.

I was asked to be the director.

But mom was very unstable. In time Ron and wife divorced. She needed some money for something and Ron's father loaned her several thousand dollars which was used to enhance her figure. Dad was not amused.

Ron, after numerable attempts at reconciliation with his ex wife had met a lady and wanted to marry. He asked me if I would stand up in the wedding. A good friend said he would take pictures as a favor to me (friend was a professional photographer). Ron's mother refused to come to the wedding and spent the day locked in her room. She had hoped Ron and his X could get back together and she would accept no other option.

When we moved to Washington State from Texas, Ron and his new wife were living in the same town. He invited us over for a meal. Sounded good, so we went. He met us at the door, saying his new wife (it had been several years), would not come out of her room, that she did not want to meet us and that she had destroyed all of the pictures my friend had taken at their wedding. “She hated those pictures your friend took.”

I never saw him again.

He did tell me that his mother-in-law had destroyed the painting that was so valuable. It was a nude by someone that was supposed to be famous. I never saw the painting, nor did they share any information, but the fact that it was a nude was bad to her.

She blamed the painting for all the problems in her life.

Interesting logic.