Friday, September 14, 2012

The license plate tells me that this one is the one I just bought!

Start of a collection?

Last week I drove the pickup and the flat bed trailer 250 miles west to Salem to pick up a car I bought off Craig’s list! It is another dark blue Cavalier, almost identical to Miriam’s. It has fewer miles and is in pretty decent shape, and I just bought it for a parts car.

The interior is quite nice, though a slight different color than Miriam’s Cavalier. So, I’ll exchange the interior, save the engine and all the parts I might need one day.

I was tempted to keep that car as our daily driver, but alas it does not have AC (not needed in Salem) and that is a deal breaker. No AC, no drive! 

The owner told me that the linkage for the transmission was loose but was an easy fix. He drove the rig onto the trailer, and once here I drove it off the trailer. I backed it up against the fence to turn it around and the linkage came complete loose and it is stuck in reverse. 

Then this week I made a decision about the flooring in the tiny house and went to Idaho for a couple days to do the millwork on the flooring.

Someone said to Daughter one: “Your dad sure doesn’t let grass grow under his feet does he?” No, she replied. 
It is called Vernacular Architecture. It is what non professional people do because they need it done.

late summer busy

It has been a busy time here.

The tiny house is coming along fine, but I am the sole worker and I don’t get as much done any day as I might like. Fall weather is approaching, it is often quite cool in the morning and the squash plants show a bit of frost damage. 

Miriam, of course, is not doing better, there is no better with this hellish disease. She forgets who we all are from time to time, but always insists that she needs to be with her husband.

One night in bed she told me to leave since I was not her husband. That took a while to get it all straightened out. Somehow it was sadly comedic.

Miriam saw a new doctor last week (her old one moved. When daughter informed the Doc that her mother was stage 6 Alzheimer’s the Doc said: “Ahh, that changes everything.” Miriam really needs some surgery, but we all (including the Doctor) agree that it isn’t going to happen.

The big worry now is that she fall. 

A broken major bone now is cataclysmic.