Thursday, January 2, 2014

Front of "the Villa" my tiny house daughter Arline's place.
300 square feet works for one person.
The shakes used to be on the neighbor's roof!
The windows were left over from remodel projects, the front door from Craig's list.
Still not cheap to build nowadays.
My girls.
I am so proud of them, it is amazing that I have any buttons left on my shirts.
Birth order names: Arline Marie; Lora Lea; Deanna Cheri; Linda Glee. The first was named after her two grandmothers, then we got the idea of making them rhyme!
In the picture, left to right Lora, Deanna; Arline and Linda/Lia.
The background is the corner of my tiny house in Washington State.

Happy New Year

I am back in Idaho in our house.

It is lonely at times, but the quiet and the aloneness is healing.

Snow on the ground. Many winters here the cold lasts a week or so, but this has hung on since before Thanksgiving. It will break, but not really soon, I fear!

Sunday I fell and tore my Rotator Cuff once again. Doc says to do some exercises and I like that.

Someone has been reading the Obits. Suddenly I am getting email and popups from Even if I were ready and willing, I think I'd be a bit leery of sites like that!

This will be a good year. I am sure!