Saturday, February 2, 2013

To most people desert areas are ugly and a real wasteland. To me those deserts are home. I miss them.
Once this was the tallest man made dam in the world.
A sister of mine was born back behind where I was standing for this photograph. We lived 65 miles on horrible roads from the nearest hospital.
Mom went into labor, dad hurried her to the hospital, but the baby was born along this road. The extreme sad thing is that the baby died.
I can only begin to imagine the sadness as Mom and Dad went on to town and then back to their back country job.
Home canning at it's colorful best, and I don't even like to eat canned cherries.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How about a little color this gray winter morning?
Pipe fittings are fascinating.

back home

I am back from Portland.

Portland Oregon is one of those cities that people love because it is so green. The green is, of course, the result of rain, a lot of rain, a lot of drizzling rain. Gray gray gray.

But it is winter and that is how it is.

It was a good trip. I bought a couple of books at Powell's (can't go in there without buying more than I should! I also got a much needed battery for my fairly ancient MacBook. This MB was new in '07. In the computer world that is Model A vintage. But it works and does what i need and i don't want to put down a grand on a new one, so I make it work.

The weather has warmed up a lot here at the tiny house. This morning it is 45 outside, compared to 21 one morning last week. We will be colder by weekend, but I have demonstrated that this little house can take cold weather and be livable. That is a good thing.

Miriam was glad to see me and knew who I was, but was not sure how long I had been gone. I was really tired, so when I got her to bed I laid down beside her and slept a couple of hours before returning to the tiny house.

Meanwhile, our dingy rooster jumped the fence and is at the neighbors. It is still dark, but he is crowing. Not sure he is capable of learning much.
As spam goes, it was not terribly offensive, but just annoying, so I took it out!
Still like the looks of this old car!