Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miriam was always a phonetic speller.
Just read it out loud I would say.
Lots of very creative people have spelling issues, and while she was made to feel like a dunce, it was not necessary or correct.
Besides, we have all (including Miriam) gotten a lot of laughs out of her interpretation of the spelling process!


Miriam's boil got worse then better.

Night before last it broke, but daughter had a dressing on it with an Ace bandage wrapped around Miriam's head, like the cartoon characters! The bandage went under her chin and then over the crown of her head.

It looked bad but it worked pretty well.

Of course, after it broke and drained a bit, it was a lot better. In fact, I had to remind her to be careful of that side of her head. She could not remember why I was giving that advice.

Having had a few boils myself, I know they are not fun, but they do get better right after they were awful!

Today is a sunny day (at least for most of the day). I have an AD support group to attend and then a pair of peach trees to plant.

Ahh the life of a faux farmer!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't think this has been tightened for a while.
Spiders don't mind.


Miriam has a boil this week.

This one is right in front of her hair right where a side burn might end, were she a guy. It has nothing to do with her ear, but it is close.

She is usually a good patient, but not so much this time. Daughter took her to the Doctor a week ago, she was given some antibiotic and told to check back in a week.

Tomorrow is the week so we will see how it is in the morning. It is swelled like half a bright red cherry and is irriattiong. I have had boils (two in one spring a few back). Mine were right under my shirt colar and uncomfortable for sure.

Hers is not rubbing anything, but it irritates her. Last night she insisted on putting a bandaid on it, but today it had to come off and that pulled hair and she was not happy about any of that.

Tonight she wants to cover it up someway, but we want to just put a towel over her pillow, in case it breaks during the night. That brought on a long and repeated discussion about the condition of the boil (which has not broken open yet).

Boils are not fun any time, and for someone who cannot remember that she just took a pill or had hot packs or that the bandaid hurt like crazy when it had to come off, it is even more terrifying.

Tomorrow we will decide what to do next.