Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'd like to pass this off as a new species of "red pine" from Idaho.
In reality it is my camera being "creative." I might have pushed a button somewhere or done something, but this is what happened.
We were on a trip last spring and the camera suddenly made all pictures red, no green, no blue, just monochrome red. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped.


Miriam has always had cold feet.

Not the kind that kept her from marrying me, but literally. Then UGGs came into our life. I had never heard of UGGs until just before christmas.

They loudly proclaim they are Australian, but they are made in China. Sounds logical I guess. They are lined warm shoes for women. For some reason they were considered fashionable a while back (I don't even figure the fashion thing out) and now they are cool.

The daughters gave Miriam a pair of them for Christmas. Lots of them are calf high, but hers are ankle high.

In the bus I have an old fashioned rubber hot water bottle. I take it with us when we go camping. Before UGGs, I filled that thing up every night with quite warm water, to keep Miriam's cold feet off me, when we went to bed.

At first she said she was impressed by my thoughtfulness, but I said it was pure selfishness. I wanted to avoid the ice cube on my calf thing.

Any way, since the UGGs, we have not used the water bottle very often. I don't mind heating the water and I don't mind the bother, but I am glad it is not as necessary now.

Thanks daughters!

Monday, January 30, 2012

More bread!

late winter

This is not spring, it is late winter.

But late winter is usually a bit warmer. This winter we have lived in an all aluminum motor home. It is not a bad place to live, but cold does conduct easily through all of that alum stuff.

But now it is getting a bit warmer. Not too cold last night, but the wind is up.

All of this means that winter will go away in due time and once again we will see spring. We have no idea of what kind of spring we will get, but it will be warmer than winter.

Not much rain/snow in these parts. Some ski resorts just opened recently. Maybe we will have a wet spring, but maybe not.

I am making progress on my building project, but I am not a hero, nor interested in becoming one. If the weather is too disagreeable, I do something else! What has to get done will get done, I think!