Monday, January 9, 2012

How is that for a tiny stove.
It is cast iron and is made for a boat. Not cheap, but about the right size for my Coach House, maybe.

BTW, I am going back to Idaho tomorrow for a week of work on the house there. I'll be going alone, leaving Miriam with daughter. There is no internet at our house, so I may not post for a week.

planting corn

I planted corn last week.

At least that is what I said. When I go to work on the CoachHouse project Miriam asks me where I am going. She does not remember that we have the Coachmen here or that I am doing something with/for it.

So she asks me if I am going to "work in the garden." Both are the same general direction.

I say yes, because I am lazy and that is the lazy way out. "What did you do." "I planted corn."

She has no idea of what season we are in. Months make little sense to her, so me planting corn is not out of line, and she will not remember later to ask about the corn.

This is not how I would like to run my life, but it is where I am right now.

Kind of pathetic, kind of horrible, and still almost humorous, and in my world, any humor is good humor.