Thursday, September 8, 2011



Dreams are so flimsy.

It is amazing how little it takes to make a dream go bad.

Last night's political debate was interesting. One strategist advised to never base your plan on what the other guy may or may not do. They change their direction and you are in tall grass.

Selling property is like that, I guess. Your joy (a sale) is based on someone else's actions, which can be influenced by well meaning and not so well meaning friends and family.

Which makes it all sort of a house of cards.

But we are not kids any more (75 next time). To be really useful for the last of our years, a tad of money would be better sooner than later.

And, speaking of the Lord's leading. Up to this point everything was falling into place.

Rent the place? Past record on that one was 2 good renters and one extremely bad one.

Not much assurance there.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My head tanked.
Now I see that somewhere there is a building.

oh well

Todays big news!

The sale of the house went south, way south.

So we are back to where we were before we were there.

But, that is how life goes.

Tomorrow we go back to the house to clear and clean. We is a daughter and two very capable granddaughters. I may spend a good bit of the fall there, or back and forth from here to there.

Not what I had in mind, but I am often such a romantic!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some of the "built-ins" I am leaving behind.

back home

We are back "home."

Miriam is beginning to think of our Washington home as HOME. That is good. When I told her that she would need to come back with Daughter 1, she had a fit that lasted until I changed my schedule so she could come back with me.

The house is emptying. I brought back a ton (quite literally) of books and stuff. The girls squirreled boxes of things away with them when they left Idaho for their homes. The inside of the house is down to furniture, mostly.

The furniture in our house was mostly hand made. That give each piece a priority when it comes to moving. We will leave a few built in pieces, but virtually everything that will move will be moved.

The plan is to go back to Idaho Thursday and load up much of that remaining furniture. It is bulkier, and the pickup and trailer will both be filled to capacity by it all.

I will take Miriam with me, since Daughter 1 and her family are committed to another event. Daughter 2 and her family (maybe just the two teen age girls - who are fabulous help) and maybe a guy or three too will go also.

I just brought construction equipment (not to be confused with cabinetmaking equipment - there is some cross over, but for the most part, though each works with wood, the tools and equipment are different) enough to build the studios and shop. I also brought a lot of garden hand tools.

Someone borrowed my little Mantis tiller, or it was stolen (hopefully the former), but I brought all my favorites including the scythe I bought with money my grandmother gave me for my birthday several decades ago.

Indeed we are moving "home."

Here are a couple of Miriam's paintings. The cabin is pretty self explanatory.
There is a forgotten story about the singers. It was done for some specific event. I don't remember what, but look at those faces!