Friday, November 2, 2012

Miriam a long time ago.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


When I returned today I was overwhelmed by the changes that have happened in two weeks.

Not good.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My sister and I when we were young and cute!
My hair naturally parts on the right, but when I was a kid Hitler was a big item and he parted his hair on the right and my father insisted that my part be on the left!
When I was older I changed it back, but by then Hitler was long gone.

Away too much

I have been away from Miriam and daughter one for almost two weeks.

There is work to do on our Idaho house; work on the cabinets to finish our 'tiny house'; there is extended grandpa duty among other things.

Right now I am in Portland doing Grandpa duty. It has been good. Another part of my family is involved in a major crisis and I had some Grandpa Duty there. I take the Grandpa part of my life very seriously.

Daughter one, the one I live near, says that Grandpa Duty trumps everything else.

In the time I have been gone, I am told that Miriam has gone from confusion about who the family members are to almost total non-recognition. She asked daughter one when it was that they met. "You were one of the first people I met after I was born." The illogic did not affect Miriam, but the information gave her satisfaction. Getting ready for bed Miriam says to daughter: "I am so glad we met."

She asks about when "daddy" is coming home. We have not used the "Mommy/daddy" terms for each other, so it usually means she is wondering about her father. When asked she will respond that her father is Leonard, and that she thinks she is married to David.

None of this sits well with us, but it is the rapidity of the change that has us confused.

I did not finish my cabinet work in Idaho and need to go back soon. Winter is coming and I am anxious to get the heavy work done.

Most likely I'll stay with Miriam until the first of next week then take off for a week. That should be enough time to complete my work there.

It is time to spend time with my dear Miriam.