Friday, July 23, 2010

we are going camping again this week. just the two of us, mostly

home church

We visited my favorite church a bit back.

It is a 3500 member college, now university church. It is what I call “high church.” The musicians are professional quality, the speakers gifted, even the members look like they were were hand chosen.

I photographed the progress in the construction of the church building 40 some years ago. I have served as a deacon and as a helper in one of the kids departments. I attended the nursery class for a very long time, since we had two daughters about a year apart years and years ago.

So it is really is my home church. When we are in town we always go there, or nearly always.

We were quite early today, on purpose. The speaker was waiting on the front row, he is an old friend and I visited with him a bit. We sat down and an old friend from photography days stopped to visit, then one of Miriam’s colleagues at her art job was there.

The economy is tight everywhere. The one friend had just been pushed into retirement, the other had just been terminated, both are very capable hard working people.

It was good to be “home.”

Thursday, July 22, 2010

portrait of a Raptor

knife sharpening

Today I was cleaning up the garlic crop.

I picked out a knife out of the travel trailer.

The knife had a well used wood handle, along with a bit of a burn.

But it was the bade that intrigued me. I was taught to sharpen a Linoleum/Carpet knife by a real master. The whole blade is sharpened, not just the point. This 8 or 9" blade had been sharpened well. The blade had been sharpened almost a quarter of an inch.

That made me wonder where that knife came from. It has been around our house as long as I can remember, it is not a new knife.

Miriam's grandfather owned a small corner grocery store. Her father, as a young man, worked in that store, partly as a butcher. I can't prove anything, but it seems possible that this knife goes back that far and was sharpened often by a very capable hand.

I own a fair amount of used tools, and I wonder what the story is about each one of them.

There is a draw knife in my collection of tools that belonged to my own biological father. Mom told me, a very long time ago, that while dad was using the tool, it slipped and took a hunk of my father's knee.

I wonder about the other stories my tools might tell.

The knife I was using today was not really sharp and I was using it carelessly (I know better) and I cut my thumb. That is not remotely unusual, unfortunately.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

self portrait


It has been a visiting month.

We have been company at two daughters houses and we have had company. We enjoyed it all.

Today my brother and his wife (along with two very picky eater grandkids) leave heading back to Georgia, but going the long way, via Glacier national park.

Tomorrow it will be grandma and grandpa at the old ranch -- alone, just the two of them,

But that is OK too.