Friday, November 30, 2012


Daughter Lia entered a gift wrapping contest put on by Scotch Brands. 

Here is the video that she sent to the Scotch people.

This morning we got word and a picture: She won!!
Here she is, my daughter Lia!

Of course. . .

The people that make Scotch tape had a contest.

They have been doing this for the last several years. "Most Gifted Wrapper" contest, it was called.

Prize for the 8 finalist is a free trip to New York. The winner takes a check for $10,000.

Daughter 4 entered and this morning we got the word that she had won the contest.

Here are come comments:

Well duh, of course you won! Congratulations!
I knew it! Formidable! Superbe! Magnifique! Je suis tres heureuse pour toi!!
This from a sister: See!!! She was one of the 8 finalists and then she TOOK IT! (No surprise here... she is so UBER talented! Started playing with paper before she could read...AMAZING talent!)
Another sister earlier had said that Lia could make a wedding dress out of a scrap of carpet or a Sears catalog!

So we are pretty proud of it all and of her.