Friday, June 28, 2013


Monday Miriam is scheduled to go into a nursing home here in Walla Walla. They have a room next to the nurses station, and it has a window on her side.

No one said this would be easy and it isn't.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today we made the first steps to placing Miriam in a care facility.
We toured the establishment, looked in the nooks and crannies. We were told that the cook is a vegetarian and that there is always vegetarian alternatives to what shows on the menu. We saw the rooms where they do bingo and where they eat and where they party. We went up elevators and into the wing where the place began a hundred and seventeen years ago.
The place is a non-profit, which pleases this old liberal. I asked if it looks like we could make a deal. The admissions officer said that there were two openings right now and she would talk with the social worker in the morning. The paper work is being done, though most of it is already done. 
I have no idea of how long these things take. It could go fast and it could go not quite so fast, but it looks like we will have a bed fairly soon.
In a big way, that is the easy part of it all. 
In spite of my knowing this would happen and my spoken readiness for it to happen, when it happens it is going to hurt, even as it provides Arline and I both with better sleep.
I know all of this, but that does not make it a whole lot easier.