Friday, March 4, 2011

All bookstores are not created equal.
This one is long on character and short on pricing.

book stores

Yesterday was book store day.

I took grandson 6 (of 7) to Hastings book store. Hastings is one of those book stores that mixes used and new books. A sign said that all used books (value under $30 - which was about all of the used books) were on sale 5 books for $25.

So I found a new book that I wanted and then looked for a set of 5 used books whose price was over $5 each!

It took a while, but I found 5 really good books that I wanted. So I saved $40 or so on used book prices.

Later in the day I went back to the same store with daughter 1. She found three used books she wanted to buy and I found two more to make the 5. That was 8 books (mostly gardening books) in a single day!

In the early evening while daughter was waiting for a friend, we visited another used book store.

Hastings is a picture of organization and cleanliness. The other store was not.

The sign proclaimed 20% off, but since the books rarely had a price, we never could figure the price that was to be discounted!

So I took pictures with my iPhone and we looked around.

Later we visited the other book store in this smallish town. It is family owned and operated. All new books. Everything was in order.

Three stores, three different visions.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We live in the desert and don't see a LOT of rain.
Portland, on the other hand, gets rain and rain and rain.
While waiting for daughter 4 to go into what used to be Kinko's I shot this picture out the pickup window.


I notice how my plans go astray and get modified.

Once I listened to my parents for advice, now I listen to my children, who are not children.

We drove to Portland for the wedding, intending to take an easy two days back home. However, we are scheduled to be back here in SW Washington in another week.

Granddaughter 1 attends school a few hours from here and they have Grandparent weekend next week (the 11th and 12th). It is a hundred dollar trip to go back to Idaho and return to this part of Washington, so daughter 1 who is always scheming ways to get us to stay, suggested that we just stay here for that week.

Not a bad idea, I reasoned, and hundred dollar bills do not happen easily or often, so it will be, and I am not complaining.

But it is time to start seeds for the garden. Not all seeds, but early veggies: Onions, Parsley, Broccoli. Tomato seeds need to get started next week then Lettuce.

We could, of course, skip going to see granddaughter and go home and plant garden seeds instead, but that is a bad trade off, one I would never make.

For some reason there are a few mother/daughter events, and an occasional father/son one, but I have never ever been invited to any father/daughter event, so invite me to a granddaughter/grandparent event and I will be there in my best suit!

Even if I spend part of that hundred on garden plants.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the Steves

I guess you could say I am an Apple guy.

There are three Mac computers in my house, along with two iPods, and an iPhone.

So I pay a bit of attention to the company.

In case you don’t remember, Apple Computer was formed by two Steves: Jobs and Wozniak. The Steve with the long name is portly and seemingly jolly. He is not an active participant in the company right now, but he has a big pile of bucks.

Jobs is the 45th wealthiest person in America. Besides his Apple holdings, he is a part owner of Disney, (7%) thanks to the sale of Pixar, which Jobs owned.

Said gently, both Steves have more than they can easily spend, unless they buy a country.

Right now Jobs is on medical leave, not his first.

He can afford the best medical care in the world. That may do the trick or it may not, no one knows yet.

All of that makes me very thankful for good health. Money is fine, but Health is “more fine.”

By the way Jobs is a Pescetarian. I had to look that one up. A pescetarian is a lacto-ova vegetarian who eats fish and seafood. When People find out I am a vegetarian they often ask if I eat fish. Now I will answer: “No, I am not a pescetarian!”

Hmm. My great grandfather was a Presbyterian, though.