Friday, August 5, 2011

The old railroad bridge, built about a hundred years ago, long before the dams along the river made it all a big lake from Idaho to the Pacific.
Originally (before the dams) it was 261 feet from the bridge to the river and 3920 feet long.
That is a lot of steel!


Yesterday I went fishing, actually I accompanied a fisherman!

Charlie inited me to go with him to visit a fish hatchery some distance away.

Along the way we stopped to fish in the Tucannon river just before it merges with the Snake. It was a lovely spot. Charlie fished for a couple of hours and I watched. If I had fished too, I would have done the same thing: watch.

Still it was a good day. He got a few bites, but no fish. To me that meant that I was a bad luck charm, but he said, no he had some good bites and some good nibbles and it was good.

Not many people live in that part of the state. The farms are huge, often 8 or 10 sections of land (640 acres to the section), but it is dry land farming, with a harvest every other year, so it takes a lot of land. Right now harvest is underway (a month late) and there is a good bit of truck traffic.

Still it was a fine quiet day. I was refreshed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One of my favorite camping spots, Eastern Oregon.

Monday, August 1, 2011


I heard a story today.

A guy was sick in bed. Had surgery and was not doing well. Before he went i for the procedure, he tore out the cabinets in his kitchen, in preparation to putting new ones in.

But he didn't get it done very fast, what with being sick.

So a couple of carpenter friends dropped by one day to say they were going to install the kitchen cabinets for him. They were competent and he did not argue. The cabinets (which were stacked in the back room) went in, counter tops went on, underlay went on the floor and ceramic tile.

The guy was well enough (and he had been a plumber earlier in his colorful life) to do the plumbing and electrical.

In time the one of the carpenters needed a favor and it was offered and accepted.

Today the story was recalled to remind us all that we depend on each other, and that what might be perceived as fabulous generosity, may be that and it might be repaying generosity.

Either way, and on both sides of the arrangement, christian grace is involved. Trace to give and the grace to accept.

It takes both kinds.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A lifetime collection of ties, the good, the bad and the really ugly. Time to reduce.

Friend David strikes again

An AC is not optional in one of these massive aluminum cans.

This one is pretty well insulated, but not enough to get along without an AC. This one has two units, one up front and one in the hall right out of the bed room.

At first I would turn the switch and I could hear the fan. Then I turned it on and nothing hapened, but after a bit it began running. Then it blew a fuse and nothing else happened.

Today nothing would make it work. I got on the roof, took the shrouding off, spun the fan and had Miriam turn on the switch. Nothing. I got #1 son in law to look at it and it looked like the motor was just tired.

I checked online for a new one, and then sent an email to David who owns the coach.

He responded that he had just bought a "new" unit. Later he called to say he would be up Monday if he could find a car dolly to borrow. David has a Buick stranded near here, so he could do double duty.

I sent him a message saying that I had not asked him to buy another AC, but I sure would appreciate that he did!

Today was about 90 and it got about that warm in the bus. Cooler would be better!