Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I decided I wanted to get a better camera. The easiest way was to update my phone, so now 
I have an iPhone 4S. Pretty cool and a ton better camera than on the old 3GS.
Jessica who is 18 in the upper photograph and Ben, 27, in the lower photograph.
They are good kids. 

We are OK.

The uncertainty of the uncertainty of it all is hard on my gut sometimes. Then there is the weather, which continues to be dreary and rainy. Not good for my head.

Miriam at times shows definite regress and at other times is about as she has been. All of that means she is continuing her "progress" with this disease. Daughters think she is closer to a care facility, so Miriam's name is on a waiting list at the only real AD facility in the area.

I feel old, decisions that involve me and mine are being done (capably) by others. Not really a complaint, but a realization that life moves on. Tomorrow is my birthday. It is one of those big ones. Friend asked if it was 39 again, and I said: "No, it's 3/4!"

Meanwhile, my challenged grandson, who, at 27, lives with his parents here on the farm, has a nasty case of pneumonia. The Doc put him in the hospital last night. Daughter just came home for a shower and a nap (no one sleeps in the hospital!). She is very encouraged. That is good. He is a brittle diabetic, among other things.

Daughter and son-in-law have managed his diabetes for the last 25 years and have kept him going, which is not a small thing. But in the hospital, new experts are there. Son-in-law, who is infinitely patent always has to go to battle with them. In this case Diabetes is similar to AD. We know our patient better than the doctors sometimes. Not many Docs are ready to accept that reality.

While I was in Idaho last time, there was a killing frost here in Washington. That is unusual, but unusual is what the weather is here. My early garden might have been protected if I had been here, but daughter and family are up to their eye balls in other worries and my garden got skipped.

So I am replanting. Maybe we will have sunshine and spring yet this year.

progress, I think

Phone calls and progress.
At least that is what they tell me. The list of our personal property losses have been forwarded to the proper people (who seem to specialize in personal property losses).
That, the cheery voice said, would take about 2 weeks, but my list was in order. Not sure if that is literal or not.
But the big slow wheels are turning.