Saturday, July 6, 2013


Miriam is doing pretty well adjusting to her new space.

That seem to me to be mixed. In order to adjust really well they give up a big part of their lives. While I know that is alright even necessary, I hate to see that part of my dear one leave.

Last night the Physical Therapist had a conversation with me and us. In replying to her questions it is amazing how much she has declined in the last year, and even in the last month. We live the first year in the bus which has 5 or 6 fairly steep steps to get into the living space. It was not a problem for her at all. Now steps are almost impossible.

The PT will work with her a few sessions a week to see what can be done.

She is quite sure that Miriam has symptoms of  Parkinsons. My understanding is that some of those symptoms are a part of  Alzheimer's. And frankly, I am not sure there is anything to do about it now any way.

When we took her in we were asked about her appetite. "Oh she eats well." Wonderful, they said. Last night I was there just as she was eating. It looked good and she was getting into it with enthusiasm. As I walked out I heard an Aide talking to an old grandma. They were arguing about when the lady had eaten last since she was for sure not going to eat now.

When they asked her to stan up Miriam complained of her foot hurting. She had a sore spot on her foot, suggesting her shoe was too tight. Last night i bought her a new pair, half a size larger, with stretchy lacings.

We will see how that works.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


it is good

It seems to be working out very well so far.

Daughter and I, mostly, get a lot more sleep. We feel better right out of the blocks. At the home they keep Miriam busy all day, doing things or being entertained in some way, so she cannot sleep much. Besides, the wheel chair they use is not terribly comfortable for sleep.

Then at night she will sleep, and sleep all night they hope. The nurses ave an aversion to using any kind of sleep aids, in fact they like as few medications as possible.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning with her, Then another couple of hours in the evening. Today I think I'll go visit a bit before a meal so I have a good diversion to leave.

When I went in yesterday morning the maids stopped looked up from their carts and smiled and said: "Good Morning." It is a very friendly place.

Monday, July 1, 2013

new room

This is the corner of Miriam's room. The staff said we could do anything we wanted, and short of paint we are going to do that.
These photographs are for reference. I can promise it will look different in a very short time. A few pictures can make a lot of difference.
The other side is a bit worse, but again it will all get changed.
Miriam's roommate is Clara who is 97. She also has AD, but is very mobile and cute my daughter tells me. 

Day one and my tiny house

We built this tiny house a year ago.

Since then I have rarely really lived in it. At first I would bring Miriam out, but she had trouble walking back to the house in the dark. Even the she spent most of her time in the big house.

A couple times I let her stay all night, but the bed was to narrow and uncomfortable for the two of us at this age. Then a few months ago I started sleeping in the house with her. At first we would sleep quite well. I needed to be there in case she woke up and walked around, just to make sure she didn't hurt herself.

In the last month or two she would wake up every hour and a half and good sleep was impossible. Lat night was fairly typical. Last night we were up three times, at 10:30 at 2:30 and at 4:30. These are not quick breaks where you can go back to sleep easily, but talk sessions that might go on for an hour.

Her talk does not make sense. It is called word salad and that pretty describes what happened.

Today we took her to her new residence. I felt like I was deserting her.

I  am not an authority on rest homes, but the ones I have been in have a distance rather foul odor. It is not pleasant and seems to be the same in all of them. This home does not have any of that. The nurses are professional and skilled. The whole place is very pleasant.

Daughter finished the paper work this afternoon (I was there when we took her in), and got everything lined out. I stayed in my house (it was very hot today) and took lots of naps.

So tonight, I will actually sleep in my tiny house. I'll go to bed when I want (which won't be too long and I can sleep as long as I wish. I like that. I may not be able to adjust easily.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

last meal

Tonight I feel like the chef at the penitentary who prepares and fixes the prisoner's last meal.

She did not get a menu choice. Soup and toasted cheese sandwich.

I hugged her a lot of times and I just stare into space.