Friday, February 10, 2012

I am humbled to remember my visits to Ketchikan Alaska.
The sun hardly ever shines and it rains for weeks at a time.

I am waiting!

We may have some idea of when this AD thing began.

Not the day, but the year maybe. At least the year when it was diagnosed.

But no one knows when it will end. The disease forces the whole family to accept the disease time table, and we don’t get to know that table.

Someone asked if there was a life after AD, and of course no one knows that one either. I met a man who is always wanting to know where his wife is on this trajectory. He wants to know how long it is till the end of the movie.

Most of the time I deal with this unknown part on an OK basis. Sometimes no so OK.

As I wait for spring, I get antsy. This area has a lot of deep inversions in the late winter, so there are weeks when it is cold and foggy. The growing season is a full 2 months longer than where we lived in Idaho, but right now it is hard to visualize.

The weather people seem confused too. “Partly cloudy. High about 48 to 52.” Then the day is totally cloudy and the high is in the middle 30’s.

But I know that when spring breaks it will all happen over a weekend (or less). I can argue with mother nature but it is a one way argument.

She also has her own schedule!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I built the thing, but I have trouble greasing the bearings in the wheels!
Go figure!

fix it time

“You don’t own it until you fix it.”

Some one once said that (I am sure), but it can’t always be true. My Dodge pickup has spark plugs somewhere. I cannot even find them much less replace them. Good thing they go a long ways any more.

Still, there are some things that I can fix. I can sew a button if necessary, and once I did a fair amount of sewing (on camping gear when I was a kid). I am enough of a cook that we won’t starve any time soon. That still does not make me a mechanic.

Yesterday I did open book surgery on my MacBook. The fan had been making a LOT of noise and it was running very hot. The fan was a $50 part, and I’d been inside my Book before, so I dived in.

A good technician could have done what I did in a tenth of the time, but it is winter and my schedule is hardly crowded.

And, it is good to fix something that is at last moderately challenging. Opening a MacBook is not rocket science, but there are a lot ways to get in trouble.

I am fairly fearless about working on my MacBook, butI still won’t be tearing into my Dodge any time soon, even though I might wish I could!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The list of toys I will never own has a big road bike close to the top.
But, if I could wish and it would happen, this is the one I would want. I think these old Indians were the most beautiful of road bikes.
But then they were the stuff of dreams even when I was a kid!


I woke up this morning and my mind was racing.

Going like a motor that has no load, one that isn’t going anything but spin.

What is Now I asked myself.

Oops, that was then. Now is just a tiny fraction of time. I suppose now could be a day or a year but that kind of reduces the nowness of now!

So I pondered, what is now.

Now was the time it took me to stand up and empty my bladder. Then it was a different now as I got back in bed and none of them are now now.


One must be careful waking up early.