Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I went into a produce market in Portland's Pearl District. The veggies were so good that I went back for the camera. After I took a bunch of pictures I ask the produce lady if it was OK? She said YES, and gave me some tips on where the best, most colorful veggies were located. 

full time care

Someone has to be with Miriam all the time now.

On one level it is easy, but it is not exciting and time goes slowly, real slowly sometimes.

This week daughter has two all day work shops she must attend to keep her caregiver certificate up to date. That means i am here with Miriam most of the time. We don't have internet in the little house right now, and that is OK, as much time as i spend in the house with her.

Tonight she went to bed at a bit before 8. She was tired she said. Of course, early to bed means early to rise and i can pretty well bet we will be awake around 12 or 12:30 and again at 4 or so.

I go to sleep quite easily -- the first time, but once awake it is hard to get back to sleep.

By the time I get all of my sleep it may well be close to noon.

Tomorrow daughter leaves at 7 am and won't be back until after bed time. It will be a long day!