Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not my house!

"back home"

I am back in Walla Walla.

Miriam did not know i was coming back and did not know I was here. She was shelling walnuts in the corner of the living room. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her as only a husband would, expecting she would know it was me. But she had to turn to make sure, then she let out a little shriek.

She does better with daughter than with me sometimes. The rest of the evening she kept asking the same questions: Why are we here, why did you not take me with you, and can I go next time.

The dining set was in the back of the pickup, so it was taken into the house last night, in case it rained. Today we get to unload the living room furniture (bulky but fairly light weight) and begin looking through the boxes for what we may "need" next.

And today I have an appointment with one of the teaches at the art department at the local college. I had volunteered to do most anything that could be useful. I could volunteer at the hospital, but I don't understand or particularly like hospitals. I do know a little about art schools, hence my offer.

It is good to be here, small quarters and all. I really am so blessed with a fabulous family.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I courted Miriam wearing a pair of skate something like this.
Wow, those were the days.

Monday, July 18, 2011

moving day

Today is leaving day - again.

My Cargo Trailer is 1/3 full, we will load the living room furniture in it next, followed by dining chairs. The big heavy dining room table will go in the back of the pickup, upside down. It will ride well that way.

Right now I am tired, even after i had a good night's sleep. This is a lot harder emotionally than I had expected, and that makes me tired.

I have been gone a little over a week now and I look forward to hugging daughters and granddaughter, but mostly Miriam. I told Daughter to tell her mother that I was going to hug mother until she squealed. Miriam laughed when she was told.

Yesterday I visited friends: the widow of a dear friend, my insurance agent (I built her kitchen cabinets), several other friends. It was good, sort of a good bye for now.

The trip is about 250 miles, but with a trailer I drive pretty slowly, so it will take a bit longer, maybe 4 1/2 hours. I have towed this trailer with this pickup for a number of years and they are a good combination. I will be comfortable. But I will stop to rest a few times. I am not a driving hero.

A friend who is an editor/writer/lecturer, has developed a huge blood clot in his leg, largely from not moving around often enough. He is two months older than I am. Lesson: Don't sit in one position too long.

There are 5 very nice rest stops along the way. I won't stop at all of them, but probably a couple.

Sunday, July 17, 2011