Thursday, September 15, 2011

My head is a like a loose pile of bricks. LOL


I am wealthier than I ever thought.

Even though it does not belong to me, I live “full time” in a Newell motorhome (check the price of the new ones if you have enough nerve), and I “own” a beach house.” In Idaho yet.

When our buyer became a looker, things changed fast. Rather than having a little cash and no real estate, I have a bit of real estate and no cash. Wow!

There are no bad people in this tale. The buyer had the right to change his mind. Daughters had their parents best in mind. Everyone had good motives. But still it when it is over, my head is still spinning.

With that cash I didn’t get I was going to build a studio/shop complex inside a barn that belongs to daughter 1. Maybe I needed a big new project and maybe I didn’t, but I am also working on a merit badge in consummate laziness.

So now we have this beach house 4 hours from “our” motorhome. I have known people to have get away homes further from their usual resident than that. One friend has a nice “cabin” that is not too much closer, so I guess distance is relative.

Every once in a while I can come down and take advantage of the shop, and putter in the “beach house” garden and act like a british lord on a very small scale!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Miriam and I have been staying in our ancient travel trailer, in Idaho, for the last few days.

Along with 4 grandkids and daughter 2, we drove down afternoon Thursday. We got a lot of work done on Friday and the house is looking empty, which is good.

The beds in the house are full of family, so we go to the camper, where it is quiet and restful. I could turn on some heat - we have propane and electricity but it is not that cold. We don’t have water in the tanks. I am not sure I want to fill the system this late in the fall, and we only sleep here.

Next is to load the remaining furniture into the Cargo Trailer. Daughter and family will leave here today, leaving Miriam and I alone in our house for the first time in a long time.

My leather recliner, the lamp beside it and the TV will be the last to be packed away. I may well bring a lawn chair inside so we can both sit in comfort. There is enough “stuff” in the kitchen to function and we will be OK. How long will we stay camping here?

Not sure, but it will be most of this week at the least. There is no deadline. There is plenty of work to do. We may stay a while! Since the sale of the house fell through, there is no deadline.

While I do enjoy being with my family, I also enjoy being with Miriam, alone.

Miriam bought this trailer the year we were separated, she in Washington State with a job and I in Idaho, trying to make a job. A few years ago I gutted it, improved the insulation and built all new cabinets. It is comfortable.

Before winter it needs to be pulled back north.
Since we did not sell the house and have no idea of when that might happen, plans to build a studio or shop have been tabled. In Washington, this ancient trailer will be our “studio” and I’ll see if I can conjure a place to do some wood work, come spring.