Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not my tear trailer.
I don't have that much patience.


It was cool and spitting a bit of rain when we left this morning.

About 10 miles down the road it began raining a bit harder. I noticed an RV approaching that had several inches of snow on the roof. Hmm. Rain I don't mind, even camping, but snow?!?

We drove up a hill to go over a pass and that spit of snow turned into a very heavy snowfall. 2 or 3 inches on everything. Slushy. Not easy to drive.

Drove on to the turnoff to go to the gulch and the road was very wet and very muddy, so we turned around and headed back.

Friends in their RV were not far behind us. I stopped, they turned around and we went on to a check station, which was out of the snow area.

The state is checking boats for a parasite that could be carried by boats, and this one was manned by a deputy sheriff. He asked what we were doing and we told him of our experience. He said he did not believe we could even get through to our campsite.

Years ago when I was studying mountaineering, they hammered and hammered that sometimes the wisest move is a 180 degree turn. Going back early beats getting into serious trouble.

So we came back.

Today was supposed to be 53 here at home, not too bad a temp actually, but when we got home it was 41.

So we will camp another time! Soon!

to the desert

We are going camping today, my Miriam and I.

The desert calls. Today the high will be about 50, and there may be some rain. Not a good day to gain a lot of elevation if one wants to take advantage of any available warmth! We will gain a few hundred feet elevation, but it will be OK.

Sunday will be a bit warmer and should have less chance of rain. (In the desert there may be a "chance" of rain, but that does not mean it WILL rain. Usually if it does it will be over soon.)

We may have friends join us for a day but otherwise we will camp alone. I enjoy being alone, and I enjoying being with Miriam, so it is a prefect time.

We have the teardrop trailer for sleeping, and the big tent should the weather turn uglier. We can sit in the big tent and with the Coleman lantern make it quite comfortable, and be out of the wind, the rain and away from any spring flying critters. I have packed rain gear as well as warm clothing, so we can go for walks too.

These trips refresh my soul, and the fewer people who are involved, the more my soul is refreshed!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another painting by daughter Lia.
Painted many years ago when she was 19.
These wigwam burners were common in the "old days" but have totally disappeared nowadays. Bark and "slabs" were burned in theses big burners. Now the only thing wasted is the sound of the saws.


For some reason since Aunt Ruby died I have been in a serious funk.

Wouldn’t really call it depression, just some rather dark feeling that defies pigeonholes.

Part of it has to do with loosing the 2nd longest living relative in my family. My grandpa on the other side lived to be 98, and Ruby lived to 94, pretty close, but grandpa died almost 30 years ago. I was invincible and in my mid 40’s then. Now I am . . . not.

It is indeed it is the end of an era, but it is far more than that, I fear.

I am reminded of my own frailty. Not that I needed too much of a reminder.

I have friends and family who have all sorts of medical issues. The fact that I don’t have a serious illness that has been identified, does not give me much relief.

It is spring, but it is raining and cold.

We are going camping this weekend.
The weather will not be good, but it really is important that we go.
Way too many things have been going on of late to just ignore.
Camping will help me sort it out, and clear my head.

no answers

My friends are getting old.

My sister reminded me a bit ago that a lot of people my age are dying. I added that a lot who are younger than me are dying too, for that matter.

We hope to live long and strong, but we have no assurance of either. A friend has been falling a lot lately. Could be lots of different reasons. None of them are good.

This evening a friend called, could I come down and help move his mother in law. Mom might have had a stroke, she sure was not acting good. Moving her is moving dead weight. My friend has a trick back and his wife is about 5' tall. Not a good combination for moving heavy weights.

What will happen? None of us know. Grandma might pass in her sleep, which would be merciful, but it might not happen quickly. Indeed she felt better the next day.

Last night I helped my friend load Grandma's heavy recliner into his pickup. Today they loaded up and are on a 5 hour trip to take Grandma back to her home. They really cannot care for her any more, but putting a loved one into someone else's care is the hardest thing we ever have to do.

If she goes into some sort of nursing facility, it is likely that she will die a bit sooner than if they kept her at their (or her) home, but that time would be at the expense of their own health.

There are no easy answers any where.