Saturday, November 24, 2012

How can there be so many colors?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who said toilets have to be all the same?
This is a composting toilet system, which is not the usual situation, but it will be very gentle on the water and on the drain field.
It is installed now and it works just fine!

back in our Washington home

In the last month I have been away from Miriam almost 3 weeks.

There was some serious cabinet and furniture making in there as well as some equally serious grandpa duty, which was wonderful.

We had a family crisis last month. It is not something I want to talk about just now, but it is not insignificant. Through it all my job as grandpa was more important than ever.

My grandkids lost two grandfathers recently. One was 93 the other 96. New Jersey and Arizona. Neither was extremely close to the grandkids, and were a generation older. I did not have too much to do with either of them, but it is a reminder of our mortality.

While I was gone one of our hens was attacked by something or someone and was seriously injured. She died a few days later. Today another  hen has similar, but not nearly as serious wounds. She will survive.

The tiny house, aka The Villa, is more comfortable thanks to serious time in the wood shop. It is warm and it is easy to keep warm. Of course it has not been terribly cold.

Here in this end of the country, the sun goes down about 4:15. That is early, and it does affect our heads. Miriam is sure that she has never seen it get dark so early, but she has.

When I returned this last week Miriam knew who I was and has not had identity issues. That is good, we have spent good time together.

Meanwhile the RV refer conked out again. I found one that will fit the space at HomeDepot (we don't have a LOT of shopping options here in the back country!). So, tomorrow I get the new refer and begin to modify the RV end of The Villa to accommodate the new device.

So, back to construction/destruction/change!