Monday, May 7, 2012


Remember Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof?”
He had a wonderful relationship with his God. Along the line of Moses in the Old Testament.
At one point Tevye  complains. “The Book says,” he begins. “The Lord chastens who he loves.”
Then he throws his dart. “Could you please love us just a little bit less?”
Recently someone was commenting on my family’s run of bad luck (if we dare use that word). About 20 years ago all of Miriam’s paintings were burned up in a fire we had nothing to do with. No insurance, of course.
Then about a decade later Miriam is diagnosed with AD. If there is a life changing event that was one. Then this year our house, the only house we have ever owned is destroyed by water. 
We were not involved directly in any of those three events. I suppose I could/should have badgered the city to put a berm up around their project. I remember being told that this pipe modification would be to my benefit. I could have, but I believed their young engineers.
I am not angry with God for any of these events. God and I have some questions between us and we are both aware of it, but not that one. Anger is not well used against things you have no control of, though that is what usually happens, it seems.
An exchange of email with friend David yesterday put my mind to rest a little. I have had no word from anyone on the disaster. 
“Things will work out okay. I'm confidant of that.”