Thursday, April 18, 2013

busy travel

The trip to Portland went well.

The days setting tile made a huge difference in daughter’s house. Then I spent the weekend with my friend David and his wife Lynda.

I got back home Sunday evening and Monday morning daughter 1 left with her other care-giver client to “vacation” in LasVegas for a few days. That left me as Miriam’s sole care giver for the week, and caring for Miriam is getting a bit more complex! 

Tuesday my brother who lives in Georgia came to Idaho visiting his daughters and grand kids.

Brother was 6 when I began dating Miriam, and I am not sure she will be here for his visit next year, so I loaded up extra clothes and “Depends” and we drove 4 hours to visit. I knew it would be important for him, and very important for me.

We had an extended lunch with our sister who lives in Idaho, then Miriam and I drove back home in the evening. It was a long day, but it was good. 

Tomorrow daughter 1 returns from Vegas. It will be good to see her, but Miriam and I have done fairy well in her absence. I have changed diapers a bunch of times and cleaned up after a poo event. I have washed clothes and fixed her food.

Gladly would I trade this Miriam for the strong dependable Miriam of yesteryear, but it does not work that way. I am glad I can take care of her. She is a wonderful woman. 

Detail of Lia's front porch as well as some flowers from her new house.