Saturday, April 28, 2012

The corner of my decimated house, with the fans and the dehumidifier. 


Yesterday was workers and adjusters.
The cleanup crews labored to clean, wash and then dry the house. In the afternoon the real important adjuster arrived, surveyed the situation and began telling us what to do next. The insurance company, I was informed, has responsibility to make it all good again, but the city has responsibility for the damage too. So the insurance company has every reason to keep the heat on the city.

I like that. 
It turns out that the way the water came in is critical, as is the source of the water. There was some question that the insurance company would not cover this particular situation.
The adjuster arrived and began without hesitation. She had seen the city report. She proceeded to explain their responsibilities and my duties. She did not question the details of the water. That was very good.
Last night the house was full of fans, about 20 of them as well as 4 or 5 dehumidifier/heaters. All working to dry the house and the framing out fast. There is question about the tile floor. Will all of this water cause it to loosen, only when it is dry can we know.
My emotions have gone through the gates during all of this and when there seemed to be a chance that the insurance company would pull out, those emotions dipped to new lows.
But after a couple visits with my insurance agent (a very good friend) and the visit and comments by the adjuster, I feel a ton better. 
Numbers are being put together. They will have them assembled by early week and we can begin talk and deciding.
Meanwhile, today is the last day my brother and his wife will be here, so we will make it a good day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Our house yesterday morning. Photo by friend David. 


It started Wednesday with an early morning phone call. 
“Dave, there is a flood at your house.” The word “full” was used as was “street blocked.” My mind froze. 
I called a friend to look and call me back. 
He called back. It was not good.
“Go pack.” Daughter said. I was planning on making a trip to Idaho later in the day, taking Miriam with me. With the phone call I knew where I was going and it would be soon, but not when I would come back.
And my brother from Georgia was due on Thursday. 
It was noon before I got there. The water had been pumped out of the house. There had been 30 inches at the peak. Everything that was there was ruined. Crews were taking things out, others were inventorying the content. 
I didn’t cry, not out loud at least.
Today the crews tore out the drywall, took the cabinets off the wall, tore out the beautiful moldings I had labored over, the ones with 5 coats of oil enamel paint. 
The inspectors were sure the electrical wiring would be condemned. They were pretty sure that with that much water the ceramic tile on the floor might come loose. 
Right now there is cleanup going on, but no answers. The water came from a city controlled source. They are taking responsibility for the structure, we are not sure about the home owners policy. They are a tad slippery sometimes.
I cannot begin to imagine rebuilding the house.
The adjusters tell me that they will have word by mid week. I told them I was leaving town and that my friend David would be their contact person.
I don’t believe the Lord hurts one person for the benefit of another, but I do believe that the Lord is here to help us in adversity. This might be a blessing in disguise and it might be the end of a lot of good things.
It is too early to know. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I came across this great quote from Dave Barry: "It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent."
Don't read Dave much lately. He must have lost his funny. 

underwear for men

Yesterday I decided I needed some new underwear. 
That sounds simple enough. But it ain’t. There are more styles of men’s underwear than you can imagine, and all of them come in tightly contained packaging that defies opening. No chance to check any details up close. 
I found the rack where I hoped they would have what I wanted. Simple low rider, cotton, stretchy style with a simple waist band and no fly. 

When I found what I thought was the right one, I made the purchase and made my way home. 
When I get them home I noticed the first bad sign. There was NO indication of sizing. One size may fit most, but there are skinny most and there are not so skinny most and there is no way in this world anything is going to fit them both.
I got the wrong most. The fabric is OK, the waist band is way too wide and way too tight and I don’t like them. So, 5 pair of new men’s shorts to Goodwill, and I will start the process over.
Sometimes I never find what I am looking for. Some years ago I bought some boxers that were really OK. The fabric was the right weight, the colors were OK (men’s boxers can get really wildly colorful and graphic) and they fit nicely.
So I went to get more like them. Ha. They only made that one batch apparently. I thought I had found some, but of course I could not inspect them more carefully. The fabric was the wrong weight, the size was wrong and they ended up at Goodwill. Never did find what I wanted.
I have bought Miriam’s lingerie most of our married life. I suppose somewhere there are women’s underwear packed in blister wrap able to resist terrorist attacks, but I don’t remember ever seeing any.
Tomorrow we go to the big city where I was born and I will give it another try.

Wish me luck.