Friday, July 8, 2011

We live at the end of the little white fence.
Not much going on here, and I am doing even less.
I sent out an application to volunteer at a college where I used to teach. "Can I be useful?"
Maybe not.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is one of those little towns that is trying desperately to hang on.
The summers are wonderful, the winters are not.
Three or four weekends a year the town jumps to life.
Might be a good place to retire to, but maybe not too.


There is nothing like living in an RV to remind you of finiteness.

Yesterday the valve on the toilet stuck open a bit. I noticed water running under the "front porch." Hmm. That leaky valve filled the holding tank to overflow. An easy fix, but a reminder.

We have a huge propane tank, but no one knows how much it contains. To fill it requires taking the bus to the propane dealer, or having them come to the bus. Either way it could be a couple hundred clams for the gas. The bus has 3 or 4 smallish gas heaters, but since they are 70's vintage, I am not sure thsey are most efficient, so I plan to use electric heat instead.

The only thing I am using gas for is the galley stove. The oven is a microwave/convection device, electric of course. The water heater is electric.

So how long will the tank of propane last? No one knows.

Storage space abounds, but the space and the object do not always coincide. We will develop strategies!

We had 6 people in here watching TV the 4th of July, then someone remembered that there is a wide screen TV and soround sound in the house, so we moved.

Miriam has a cold and coughs too much. She woke me up. The only place I can go when I wake up early is in the living area. That is fine, but where is my trusty old sleeping bag? Or rather, if it was here, where would I store it between uses? Not sure, but i would find a place.

Almost everything is here that is in a house, just a bit smaller, sometimes several bits.

It is all a big game.

That game will get more interesting as we begin to seriously empty our Idaho house and deal with the surplus.

Some of that won't be pretty!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flee market "bargains"

End of the tent

There is a first and a last, always.

We had a good time camping this weekend. Not without issue, but fun.

Our sleeping bag is a "Twin Peaks" from North Face. It is a warm double bag. It does not zip apart, but is a permanent 2 person bag. The problem is that it is also a little on the small side. They advertise that it is good to sleepers 5' 11". I am 6' even. Then it is a bit tight. Should not be a problem for younger campers, but we passed the younger part a long time ago.

Truthfully, Miriam had a terrible time getting turned over and staying on her side. Our queen bed, or the near queen in the tear is a lot easier for her. Her hair is quite long, and usually that is more than OK, but with that small space, it was easy for me to pull a loose strand and for her to cry out in pain.

So, we came home a night early. I think it will be the last camp trip we will make sleeping in a tent. We do better in the tear, and that is OK.

Here in Washington State, we have to plot a whole new group of campsites. For sure we aren't going into Idaho to camp, at least not very often, but NE Oregon has a lot of decent places and I'll explore those.

We had the pickup pretty well filled *I have a hard shell tonneau on the bed, so the carrying capacity is limited.

Until we get the laundry finished, I am not too sure if I brought enough clothes back, for instance.

So, I am planning the next trip!