Saturday, September 14, 2013

fresh eggs

This evening, just before dark my door bell rang.

I opened the door to find my neighbor Daniel standing there grinning and holding a big egg carton. Daniel is 7 or 8 and was born the week his family moved in next door. We are on speaking terms. Often after school, if I am outside he stops and we visit a bit.

Once when I was talking to Daniel's father I said that Daniel, when he comes to visit me, has such good manners. David looked at me and said: "You mean MY Daniel!" Yes, I meant your Daniel.

When I took the egg carton from Daniel I opened it up and there was a dozen beautiful hen eggs. All colors including a blue one. Wonderful fresh eggs. I was full of gratitude and told Daniel so.

I don't know if it is perfectly legal to have chickens in our small house sub-division, and I don't too much care. I sure won't complain, even when I hear the roosters crow at daylight.

Usually, I am up by then anyway, and thanks again Daniel.