Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This was once the community center of a small town.
The hotel lady smiled as she remembered the good times in this building.
But the wiring was ancient and not good and some years ago the whole thing caught on fire and what would burn did.
Not is is picturesque, but not too useful.


This is not a camping trip.

We are full time RV livers. Not perfect by a yard or two, but what has to be done.

Like all reality it takes a bit for it all to sink in, to really be part of our thinking.

This is a fairly permanent arrangement. That is not really bad, but it does kick in a few clinkers.

What am I going to do all day? Ahh, a friend from Boise State University offered me a job (I'll likely decline) and maybe some studio space (not sure I could decline that one!).

I remember being on a 14 foot square lookout tower on top of mountain in Montana. I was 18, just graduated from high school, but I quickly concluded that if I did not plan my day a bit, and keep myself busy, I would swallowed alive. A fellow lookout that summer spent his day watching the clock. He was relieved before he went insane.

Gardening is enjoying tome, as a part time occupation. I would never be able to work at it all day every day and maintain sanity, I think

We go back to Idaho next week, so at least part of the agenda is to know what to bring back with us.

Books? Clothes? Games? Hobby gear and supplies?

The answer is yes!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wild duck eggs (I think!).

fathers day

Me: "I want to get some chickens soon." I was watching the neighbor's three chickens through the fence. We were sitting in our daughter's back yard in Washington State.

She: "Where?"

Me: "Here."

She: "Are we going to move here?"

Me. "We already did."

She: "Hmm."

This is monumental, and good.

* * *

We had a wonderful weekend with family.

When family works well, there is nothing even close as wonderful.

For reasons far to complex for me to understand, ours functions.

Good food. Hmm.

Last evening, the last big meal together, we had a barbecue. We have vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, gluten free and we all ate well. That is a tribute to my fab daughters who work together so well.

Nurse daughter lives just 38 miles away, and went home last night. Today one daughter drive to Portland another flies to San Francisco. That daughter will leave her two teen age sons. We will enjoy them as grandpa "works them half to death." For some reason no one is worried!

No one is terribly taken up with grandpa's bluster, we will have a great time.