Friday, March 9, 2012


Brianna arrived safely in Albania. Her mother tells me she is happy (so is her grandfather!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last week when we were in Idaho, I had things almost packed to go, but Miriam was bored so I sent her upstairs to make the bed we had been sleeping in.
After a few minutes I went up to check on progress.
She had forgotten about the bed but had my collection of neckties laid out on the bed.
Glad there is a bit of creativity left.

off to Europe

Today was departure day for granddaugher's mission trip.

But by today all of the group except Bri and her cousin had canceled for one reason or other. Cousin has lived in Europe for much of her life, and is an experienced international traveler. All would be well.

But when the two girls got to the airport it was discovered that cousin’s passport or visa or mastercard had expired and she would have to work on the problems and be along late (probably).

That left granddaughter as the only one really ready to go.

Right now she is somewhere between Washington DC and the next stop in Europe. Bri is almost 18, but she has never been away from home before. I am not sure she has ever flown in an airplane and now she is going half way around the world alone. I am so proud of her (maybe even a tad envious!)

It is Brianna's mom’s job to worry and my daughter is doing her job. I have sent daughters on trips not unlike these. One dauhter went to Africa for a whole year when she was not too much older than Bri. Bri's mom was a bit older but she went to Europe and spent half a year one time.

Of course all sorts of things can go wrong, but then again they likely won’t. I am pretty upbeat about it all. Bri is a smart careful girl, she will do OK. When she finally gets to Albania, family will meet her. The rest of the trip will proceed as planned.

Going away for the first time is a big deal. When I was 18 and a few weeks I drove with a friend to the north west corner of Montana where we had summer jobs with the Forest Service. I had a wonderful time and I know Bri will too.

Still, in spite of my bravado, I will be a seriously at ease when I get word that she has arrived safely.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Brianna.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smooth those out a bit and they would be almost like Henry Moore's sculptures (almost).

blood in the gas?

Today is one of those nutty days.

I am driving 250 miles to go to a 2 hour meeting and then driving 250 miles back after the meeting.

Used to do that more often when gas was a buck a gallon.

This time I am taking my old friend Charlie with me. The meeting has to do with a trust fund that is related to the private high school Charlie and I (and our wives) all attended a long time ago. We, obviously, think it is important, so we drive!

Friday I drive to Spokane for a weekend with grandkids (their school has "grandparent day" this weekend. I have not missed a grandparent day yet for those two. It is good.

Then at the end of the month, I have to go back to Idaho for a week or 10 days of work.

All of that means that this month, a lot of budget goes to the oil companies. Gotta help those struggling industries!