Friday, February 11, 2011

It's not easy to have two left hands.

not today

I guess I am not going to be a good conservative.

I don’t believe that poor people are lazy, and I don’t believe that immigrants, legal or otherwise, are trying to disrupt our precious lives.

But I do believe in taking care of the poor, which was something that Jesus talked about again and again.

Even our so called socialist president is proposing reducing the home heating assistance for the poor. Let em go to the library, I guess (oops, we closed that one too).

These are tough times. My state is working to balance it’s budget which is badly out of whack. There will be cuts to higher eduction, to lower education and to all eduction, but there will be money for prisons (but none to keep people out of prisons).

So, why is it that whenever there is a financial burden, we take it out on those who already are trying so hard just to stay above water? We will reduce help to the disabled, to those in nursing homes, to anyone who does not use a boom box to complain.

Someday in my wildest dreams, one of our conservative brethren will stand up and say something like: Times are tough and rather than making it tougher on those who are already just getting by, I am willing to kick in a few extra pennies to help them.

That will be the day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I, or course, am following the events in Egypt closely.

There is not too much any of us can do but watch. Even our government has limited power in this case.

Still, what i see is encouraging. This revolution is not fueled by religion or race or greed. The people want a better shake. They want a better slice of life.

They want to see the Police dehorned.

How can I do anything but applaud those brave people, who literally have put their lives on the line.

Obviously it was a move that had found it's time. The movement continues to grow.

Maybe today is the day when their hopes are realized.

The world waits.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why were the prettiest cars ever made, made so long ago.
It seems that the 30's, world wide, produced some of the most sophisticated designs.
I guess the world was not ready, but I sure do admire them now.
This is a 1938 Delahaye Cabriolet. Italian I think.


When I got up yesterday morning, I knew it would not be a ‘regular’ day.

The floor was moving, my head was swimming and I almost fell. I knew right away what I would do for the day. Take a jolt of antihistamine, and be chairfast for the day.

The first time I had one of these vertigo attacks was a long time ago, and while I was laying there reliving the “Space Odyssey” experience, I tried to figure what was wrong with my head. I thought it had to have something to do with an inner ear infection, and that antihistamine would be the best treatment.

I was a college senior at that time (I am a slow learner, I was in my late 40’s when I graduated from college). College clinics do not have a good reputation, but this one was pretty good. A retired doc talked to me and confirmed my diagnosis and treatment.

Except that mostly it was a matter of laying low for a bit and resting, even if I wasn’t tired.

So I spent yesterday in my recliner. I don’t mind some time there, but all day?

Today I feel better, but I’ll be a little careful.

Inner ear. Hmm.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two of my favorite models: daughters 2 and 3.
It was one of those "wet your lips and look solemn" moments.
They were so sweet.


Somebody at our church was looking for romantic stories for Valentines day.

This is mine.

We were 6 when we first met. I did not like girls and let her know. She, however, maintains that she had this strange feeling that “this little jerk would be her husband some day.”

We met again when we were 15. Things had changed. She was pretty and I was impressed (and scared).

Once when we were skating in the old Gem State Academy gym (GSA was across the street from the current church) she asked me to skate with her.

It was more interesting than that actually. I was sitting next to the school “heart throb” the consummate jock and a real good guy. She wanted to ask him to skate with her, but when she got up close she chickened out and asked me. (I have thanked him for his unconscious help in that bait and switch)

I touched her hand (we had an elaborate way of holding hands which minimized potential body contact) and I was seriously impressed. By the time the skate was over I was in love.

That was a long time ago. General Dwight Eisenhower had just become the 34th US president.

In June we will have our 55th wedding anniversary.

Monday, February 7, 2011

why green bay?

That was a good game yesterday.

I am not even close to being a great football fan, in fact, I barely make it over the hurdle to being one at all.

But that game intrigued me. How is it possible that a small town like Green Bay can consistently field a team that wins the Super Bowl? Green Bay has a population of about a hundred thousand, a bit smaller than my state capital Boise.

The New York or Los Angeles teams, which have to have a lot more money, are frequently humiliated by these guys from some bay somewhere that we will likely never visit.

Well, the answer is a thing called socialism. They don't call it that, they call it "revenue sharing" but it is a take from the rich and give to the poor scheme. The big money in football is divided somewhat evenly among all teams, allowing teams from small cities to be competitive. There have been several.

Baseball, on the other hand, is pure capitalism. The Yankees have the most money (by a huge margin) and consistently field the best team. Rarely is there a really good player that does not end up in pinstripes. This year a highly sought after pitcher decided to take a lot less money and live in his home town rather than play for the damned yankees, but that is rare.

Is this a case for evil socialism? Not really, but it is a reminder that several of systems work pretty well.

Long live the Packers (even if I don't watch any other game during the season)!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

When I was a young photographer, every aspiring amateur movie photographer, wanted one of these.
Seems like I owned one for a few hours once (a trade deal as I remember), but alas, I was not meant to be a movie photographer.
I found this camera in a museum. Had to have a picture of the old gal.

call from Disneyland

Yesterday I got a call from Disney.

I have never gotten a call from them. Since it was an unfamiliar number I not take the call and a message was deposited on my phone. When I listened to the call I was pretty sure it was a scam.

“We have a lost cell phone. One of the entries is ‘dad’ and it is your number,” the lady, who identified herself as Lauren, said.

I called daughter 1 to see who of my kids might be in Disneyland. Ahh daughter 3. Tried to get in touch with daughter 3’s husband or son. I called two of my daughters to see if any useful phone numbers. I sent a text message to daughter 3’s husband, who was someplace else on business. He has a smart phone and I knew he would see the message soon.

Then I called Disney Lost and Found. Had to wait a fair time to get to the operator (“your call is important to us. . .”). But the lady was very professional and very helpful. She wanted me to describe the phone, which I could not do.

I explained that daughter lived in San Francisco and I was in Idaho. The operator had determined that the daughter was Deanna and she said they would keep the phone for about 3 weeks.

Then I got an email from Curtis (Deanna’s husband) that he had called the hotel where she was staying and left a message for her.

This morning there was an email from Dea saying she had talked to the lady at Lost and Found and she would get the phone. She thanked us for our efforts.

I am not a great fan or Disney, nor for that matter a great foe either. They are a medium gray in my lexicon of companies. But I have to say I was impressed with all of this.

The Lost and Found lady said that a lot of phones are lost each day. She said they turn the phone on and look for “dad” or “mom” or “home” and try to make contact.

I did not ask her how often she is unable to find the owner, but my guess is that they have a pretty high success ratio.

Thanks Disney, you are now a light gray. (I still have no interest in going to your parks, though!)