Tuesday, March 19, 2013

living alone

I have lived alone very little in my lifetime. 

Until this year, the only time I really lived alone was the summer after I was 18 when I was on a Forest Service fire lookout. That was in the top left corner of Montana. The closest neighbor was 7 miles away, by trail. 

It was a wonderful summer. I had a radio and could get Spokane radio stations. The FS had a radio and a telephone on the tower. The telephone worked among the 5 or 6 lookout towers and the headquarters station. Couldn’t call out if you wanted. The radio was for communication, and was used frequently. Here I have my cell phone, cable TV, decent internet and my local favorite NPR radio station. 

Talk about luxuries. 

This year is my 2nd stint of living alone. I know Miriam is still with me and I see her every day, but he does not sleep in my tiny house, and if I bring over it is for a visit and a meal. So, even though there is an asterisk involving a footnote, I live alone.

Mostly it is fine, and if I do get lonesome I can go in the big house and visit with Miriam or daughter or a grandkid or two. 

So, my 2nd bout of living alone is going quite well.