Saturday, January 1, 2011


There is a lot of talk this being the “golden age.”

The context is that it is gold to be old. The term was coined by Madison Avenue to sell us something, I fear.

This age remind me more of my old friend Damocles. (Remember taht I never met some of my best friends.

Damocles was a king and he had a general who was a bit envious (I may get the details wrong here, but I’ll get the punch line). So the King invited the General to a dinner.

The dinner had everything, entertainment (dancing girls I am sure), great food and too much to drink most likely. The General was really liking this thing.

Then the wise king asked him how he was doing and the answer was all smiles. The king pointed over their heads and there was a heavy battle sword hanging from a single thread. It could fall at any moment.

“That,” said the king, “is what it is like to be King.”

It is also what it is like to be old. A neighbor is a bit older than me, and he had a stroke a while back. Left him badly damaged. We were talking about a mutual acquaintance and how healthy he was. Neighbor said: “In 30 minutes, he could be like me.”

That is old age.

BTW, happy new year everyone.

Friday, December 31, 2010

These are my beautiful daughters.
What they can do in the kitchen is totally amazing.
I am so blessed that they like each other!
This picture was taken with my new iPhone, which I'll talk about later!


This morning after I woke up, but was still in my warm bed, I began to think about luxuries.

Someone said that middle class was when you can afford to do more than just survive.

But to me it was different.

I am old, I know, but I remember when an add for a good car might include this line: “Radio and heater.” The radio was AM only, and played through a real tin can speaker, and the heater on a cold day might never warm the inside of the vehicle, but there was one there.

Then I think of the real “old days” when travel was in an unheated and often open horse drawn device of some sort.

For the last ten nights we have slept in a 12’ cargo trailer. We had a mattress on the floor, a pile of blankets, but we were warm. Since we were plugged into “shore” power, we had an electric heater, lights and even a portable toilet.

It is 16 degrees outside now, and all do not have a warm fire or a warm bed to snuggle into, and I feel so luxurious in my small, almost tiny, house.

And, being a good card carrying christian, while I am feeling blessed, I also feel a bit guilty for all of this.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy hour?
shucks, we had a happy weekend,
the whole thing.


My cup runneth over.

We had a great week with kids and grandkids and extended family.

Right now the grandkids are playing a noisy game, but they are having a great time. I am always so pleased that they find enjoyment in each other’s company and get along so well.

I did not have any close cousins, nor did my kids, so it is with a particularly grateful heart that I watch and listen.

We are always fed well. The 4 daughters get into the kitchen and all you can do is get out of the way and watch. They work together so very well.

So, as I said, my cup runneth over.

There were some wonderful, thoughtful gifts. We did not expect any, and we were superbly blessed.

Before we went to church daughter four helped her mother with hair and make up. Miriam looked beautiful. Tonight the same daughter and I went to buy new makeup to replace Miriam’s aging collection.

I have been fixing Miriam’s hair of late. It is quite long and I pull it back and clasp it with a barrette. It looks good and I like helping her.

Nurse daughter (2) had to go home this evening (she works tonight delivering babies), another leaves tomorrow, and another on Wednesday.

We will go home with a head-full of super wonderful memories. It was the best christmas ever, one daughter reported.

Indeed, it was.