Thursday, August 2, 2012

We three graduated from high school together in 1955, 57 years ago -- yikes. Two biologist and me. One was a top line teacher the other a superb cold water fish specialist. Such company I keep!
I put the smaller window on top and the larger on the bottom. Now when i sit I look out to the mountains and when i stand I can still se them mountains.
Cost? An hour's time and maybe a half buck worth of fasteners.
Sometimes I do what I didn't do for customers: remodel the work I just did!
I plan on spending a fair amount of time sitting in my leather recliner until I can make a pair of Morris Chairs!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I put the windows in today.
The large window is made up of two smaller windows. unfortuntely there is a 5" section that is the top of one and the bottom of another window.
I sat up a chair and it is horrible. I can't see anything I want to see. That divider section blocks way too much.
So, it comes out and something else takes it's place.
Found a used window that might work. Still not sure.
I like red cars, they look so good in  photographs.
Not likely to buy one soon, but I still like them!

So I bought it

It didn't seem too complicated.

In my life a good air compressor is pretty important. Mine was at the bottom of the pond during our recent non flood (a flood is a different legal thing). It needed to be replaced, and the insurance company would help pay for it.

I wanted a particular brand and even a particular color. It seems the nice small company that made fabulous compressors was bought out by a biggie and began producing imported junk. But the original company is still making their usual version. The color labels their origin.

So I found the right one at Amazon. Ahh, Good old Amazon. So I placed the order. The tool is quality and the price was appropriate. First thing I know I get a response from some company I have never heard of that they have shipped the compressor. That is OK, except that I got two emails and they shipped one to two different addresses. I had asked (I thought) to have it shipped, not to my current address, but to friend David's address, who needed to borrow it for a while. They sent one to both addresses.

I emailed them. Sorry, but it has been shipped. Maybe you can return one later.

Later came I tried to return one. They might take it back for credit if I paid to have it shipped to their office in HagoPago.

I ended up gifting the 2nd one to my dear friend David, whose motorhome we are living in, rather than pay and risk with them.

Not happy about the whole thing. The only moral I can come up with is that I should really take physical possession of larger ticket items when I purchase them (in other words, don't buy on line from Amazon, who "sold" the order to the HagoPago guys).

Amazon did not come out looking good. Not happy about that one either.