Monday, June 17, 2013

This is Brianna the graduate. She is now enrolled in one of the best Chef's schools in Portland.
The picture of several years old, but I am very fond of this picture.


After the camping trip, I had to make a run to Idaho to take back a refrigerator I did not like (it was sent by the insurance company). Stayed a few days and got quite a lot of work done.

Last evening we went to granddaughter 3's high school graduation. It was a group of home schoolers and their families who put on the event. Each parent got a chance to talk about their child, and each child got to talk about something or other and do some music (some better than others). Then there was a slide show of each of the graduates.

That means that even with just 5 graduating, the whole thing took a while. There was a dinner for the families a couple of hours before the event. There was time for each family to pose for the official photographer, and there was cookies and punch after the event.

It was a long afternoon.

The dinner consisted of Vegan Lasagna with Vegan Cheesecake for desert. Seems to me that the terms are sort of an oxymoron, but who is counting.

Most of the cookies were vegan too, but granddaughter brought some that were not. She saved my day.

Granddaughter was beautiful, her mother speech was funny and heartfelt. It was long but it was good.