Friday, December 2, 2011

I towed the now ancient Coachmen to Washington last time I was there.
Some years ago I decided that some day I was going to call that trailer home, so I gutted it and rebuilt all of the insides, new cabinets, insulation and so on. My friends thought I was nuts.
This week I started building a well insulated "house" over the top of the trailer.
Nuts? Me?


Of course when the new Mac upgrade comes out I have to have it.

This is the last time I can up grade, most likely. Most of the time your equipment is out dated for the newest after a certain time.

But I can, so I will. In fact I ordered a DVD of the new OS, only to discover that I had bought ANOTHER copy of the last system, which I am running now.

More to the point, the new OS will not support old software. Hmm. Only two programs I use would affect me on that one. One is Quicken. Intuit (who makes Quicken) has never been too hot on Mac, and I find the new program to be massively encumbered with bloat, but there is no update on Quicken for the new Mac OS.

So I did some looking and found another accounting program. It imports years of Quicken data flawlessly and I am up and running. And the price was decent.

I am a winner (with a small "w").

Oh, that all of life's problems were so easy to fix. Sign.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A long time ago missionaries came to this valley to "save" the natives. Their work was misunderstood and there was a slaughter. This monument commemorates that event.

(This was written a couple weeks ago when I was in Idaho).

I am not very optimistic right now.

No one seems to have any viable answers for anything more complex than next year’s garden. The people on top who are supposed to have all the answers are clueless, but won’t admit it.

My grandkids are college age now, or soon will be. Going to college is not all that difficult, but they could spend the rest of their lives paying for it. Not good. To make it even more scary there is no guarantee that they will find a job that is remotely in keeping with their eduction. The trends are not good.

My daughters and their spouses will work longer, meaning they will be older when they retire, but that longer work life will deprive a young person of a job. Will there be any kind of safety net when they retire? There are many who want to eliminate all such “foolishness.” And there aren’t enough jobs to go around now, and it does not seem that there will be much change in any future we can see from here.

We have a house that is paid for (thanks to a daughter). We sold her half interest in the house to pay for the rather modest student loans WE took out when we went to college.

The house is for sale, sort of. Yet, I wonder what the future will hold and if a house somewhere along the line would be of great benefit to some one in the family. No one knows.

Today I work on cabinets to make the down bedroom more useful and workable. I enjoy the work. I would be truly lost without some sort of a shop, I fear.


It was a great Thanksgiving time, to be sure.

Saturday afternoon, the house was full of family I felt something funny in my throat. OhO. Within half an hour I had a full blown cold. My throat felt like someone had taken a wood rasp to it. My nose was running, and my feet were smelling.

The classic misery!

I drank water and stayed close to the couch in the Bus. lI took NyQuil, which is, hands down, the nastiest stuff in my cupboard. If a cold settles deep into my chest it takes weeks to get rid of it, so I puled out all the stops.

It is early Monday right now and i am feeling a lot better. I might even get to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Of course, it could all reverse and I could spend the next week in bed, but I hope not.