Saturday, May 21, 2011

travel again

We have been out of town a week.

Most of the time was spent at daughter 2’s place, on the Reservation. They are on the very edge of cell phone coverage (at least my carrier) and their internet will only accept certain computers. and mine was not in the code.

My iPhone would get email and text (slowly) but web searches were tricky.

It was a mixed blessing!

Now we are back home in Idaho, with all systems working fine.

It was a multi purpose trip, as usual. One grandson was graduating from High School and we wanted to be sure to take that in. Daughter 2, who is an RN who works 12 hour night shifts had told me that this year she didn’t think she could have a garden because everyone was so busy.

I offered to make her an easy care small garden. It took me three days to get that 100 square foot garden in place (My work days are not so long any more).

The third reason was to begin the task of getting Miriam into the care system in Washington state. We have known since the beginning that this would happen. Daughter one is a professional caregiver, who has worked with developmentally challenged people (she has a son in that category). Done right she could be a care giver for Miriam and the state would pay her. That project involved a trip to the appropriate office, filling out and submitting a raft of paper work.

We did accomplish all three peojects.

Miriam is not doing so well of late. She still functions pretty good, but definitely less good than before. There is a point where I simply cannot give her proper care, and we are facing that time.

This involves some rather tricky changes. More on that later.