Saturday, June 8, 2013

Top picture is Grandson David heading deeper into the mountains. He hiked over 10 miles that day. I got in about 2!
The bottom is a picture of our camp nestled in among the aspen. Not a place to camp in dead of summer!

camping in Nevada

The trip with grandson 1 was good. We had a good time.

The Ruby Mountains run roughly north to south in the NE corner of Nevada. High elevation, desert mountain range. Snow, rock and a few trees.

Did I mention the brush? Try taking off on your own and you are going to be in for a slow go. At night it was cold, near freezing the first night, but warmer each day and night afterward. The day we left the temps were headed to the 90's.

It was a LONG drive for a long weekend and not one I'd do every day, but for a grandson, any time!

Grandson is young and strong and is  used to long hikes. I would go with him, but head back when I thought I was getting close to my half way point. I had bannock bread and soup ready for him when he came back from the longer of the hikes.

It was good.