Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'd take the touring car in this trip, but it is in the shop (PhotoShop, that is). The car is British, but I don't know beyond that, but what an awesome looking ride. 

break time

I am taking a break later this week.

As far as AD caregiving goes, I am about as lucky and blessed as can be. Daughter is my lifeline.

But daughter 4 in Portland is also a lifeline and she throws it out every few months: "Dad, you are about due for a trip to Portland, right?"

So Thursday I am driving to Portland. I'll spend several days with daughter and her husband as well as see quite a bit of two granddaughters.

Daughter 4 lives right down town, which is about as opposite as can be from our country life here. But because she is so downtown you can walk almost any place. Her car stays in the parking garage most of the time.

I'll walk where I want to go. There is a Ben and Jerry's across the street, a dozen or two restaurants of various size, one huge book stores, a couple of decent art stores and REI within walking distance.

It will be a walking break!