Friday, June 8, 2012

My last camera had a terrible time with reds. It just ran them together and made them seem pretty awful. The new iPhone seems to have an issue with greens. Maybe it just is not ready to handle saturated color!

Not all rocks are in my head.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Portland has a HUGE dog population, but the owners are among the very best at retrieving dog stuff!
I am more in danger of stepping in stuff here on the tiny farm, where there are two dogs, than in Portland where there are hundreds. I was told that 70 percent of the residents in daughter's 12 floor apartment house have dogs! Some are small, but there are some big ones too!


I sent a letter to the City Insurance people explaining that the water in my house was not caused by a plugged pipe (did I really argue against that?) but by bad engineering years ago, so that if there was a problem the water had no place to go but into my house. My point is that had they modified it correctly water would have run, harmlessly, down the street and caused no problems.

When the modification was made years ago, I was told it was for my protection.

My verdict: bad engineering!
Insurance company said it was actually easier for them with the city out of the way, that they would go after the city later.
Sounds good, but nothing that the bank will accept on my account!
Nice color, almost humanoid.
In art school I did a whole series of large block prints based on car headlights and taillights.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some one has lavished a LOT of careful work on this old Chevy truck. As close as I could tell it was bone stock, just really nicely so.
Nice eye candy!
We are back home in SE Washington.
We stayed a week at daughter 4's house. We had meals with 3 pair of very close friends.
Along the way I think i paid more for a gallon of gas than any time in my life, but who is counting!

While I was gone there was a good bit of rain. The seeds I planted last week are all up and looking good. A few weeds are up too (Ok more than a few).

Miriam was good company, though she often had no idea of what or where.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Portland gallery and show off truck!