Friday, August 17, 2012

There is always a pile of scrap wood. I recycled some of the wood in this project and bought a LOT of new.
Oh well.
Most job sites look pretty awful just before they look better.
This one is no exception. 
My goal is to finish all of the outside work by the end of August.
Fall is coming, along with a lot of rain (this is not desert, alas).
Gotta work steadily!


The weather has been hot, then reasonable, now hot again.

I am reminded that this is mid August and that fall is not far away. Our little house is coming along quite well. I go to work at the crack of dawn and work until we have breakfast, about 10. Then if it is around 100 degrees, I wait it out until afternoon.

It is not any cooler then, but the little house is out of the sun and feels a LOT more comfortable. The house faces east, so the morning sun beats right in. In the summer it can be pretty uncomfortably with that sun pounding down, but in the winter that heat will be wonderful, and I have windows to take advantage of it.

For the most part house construction is pretty much one size fits all. If the house is in cold climate they put in a bigger furnace, if it is in hot climate, just put in a killer air conditioning system.

This house is different. It is designed to fit on this piece of ground, with these weather and sun conditions.

Will it work as well as I think?

No one knows until it is basically too late to do much about it.

Oh well.