Sunday, May 26, 2013

There was a little vintage clothing store in one of the older parts of town. They had wonderful mannequins. Old Mannequins are not unheard of in displays, but most are beat up and are missing body parts, but not these.

Daughter had a photo shoot for a client of some of the houses in Portland, I went along. We had never worked together on that kind of thing and it was a blast. 
These three are of the same little house and garage. 

itinerate grandpa

For the last week I have been gone.

Grandpa duty taking a granddaughter back to school in Portland, taking a bed for her that I bought here. Then there is the dining room set that is too nice for my funny little house back in Idaho. I took it to daughter 4's elegant house. It looks right at home there.

After that I tiled a bathroom floor for a friend and spent my birthday (friday) with him and his wife. Their place is not too far from a Vancouver Washington, but it is nestled in the hills in such a way so there is no phone service at all.

So, for my birthday no one could phone me. Daughter sent this scolding sounding email (which came via internet that I could hook into at friend's house): "How dare you be out of phone range on your birthday!"

Don't do that very often, but it can happen.

Friend and wife sang "Happy Birthday" to me at lunch at noon. (Friend's birthday was exactly a week before). I am now 76, which sounded pretty old 15 or 25 years ago. Not sure what it means now. In all it was a quiet day.

Saturday morning I went back to daughters house in Portland, got some brownies and cookies from granddaughter 3 and came on back to our Washington home.

I leave again on Wednesday for a long weekend with my oldest grandson. We are going camping down in the Ruby mountains out of Elko Nevada. Haven't done that before. It was scheduled a couple months ago and will happen.

I'd like to make an annual grandpa and grandsons camp trip, maybe.

Meanwhile, I am a pretty constant care giver for Miriam. I will be with her most of the time, so daughter can get what rest she can before I leave again.

In June I had better stay home!