Friday, December 30, 2011

Living in a tiny house is easier now than it used to be.
Music that used to take up shelf space for CD's or Cassettes, or help us LP records, now fits snugly in an iPod. Book cases full of books can be compressed onto an electronic reader.
If I could just put our clothes in a hard drive somewhere and pull them out, full sized, when i wanted to wear them.
Dream on!

I am back

It has been a while.

It is not that nothing has been happening, just not too much that would be worth writing about. We made a trip to visit daughter 4, her husband and her daughter for Christmas. They live in an 8th story apartment in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

I don’t think I took a single picture, though I enjoyed walking around the downtown Portland.

Someone said that “still water runs deep.” That should make someone happy, but most of life is not very deep and at times it is morbidly still.

Miriam is doing “fine.” She has a disease that does not respond well to much of anything and it continues to ravish her and her once active mind. Meanwhile, mine seems to be going into neutral.

I don’t wish to complain. Life is pretty good here. Miriam is getting better care with out daughters help than I could ever give her on my own, not a question in the world about that one. I struggle, but mostly I struggle with struggling.

When my kids were young I never would let them even say the “B” word (bored). It worked pretty well: “If you are bored find something to do,” father wisely (?) said. Now he has to live by his own words!

Santa was good to us. Miriam got a pair of UGG boots to help keep her always cold feet a bit warmer. The results have been encouraging. I got a Kindle Touch, the model I was thinking of buying myself. After using a tough screen phone I could not imagine negotiating a computer like device with a oddly placed keys. The Touch works pretty well.

The Kindle is a decent reading device, and for one who is living in a smaller space than before the idea of putting up to 2000 books in one small space is good. So far I have about 75 books downloaded, a lot of reading, but that much is just a corner of the capacity.

“Reading is fundamental,” the slogan used to say. Yea, it probably is. Thank you, my daughters.