Monday, December 16, 2013

sack cloth

Miriam is still with us.

When I get up close and tell her I love her, she grunts two or three grunts and I know she understood and replied to my statement. We have had some fairly good conversations that way.

She can not eat nor swallow, but her heart is strong. The schedule is hers, but she is not getting better, and we will lose her.

Today I began another mourning stage; I had my hair cut very short and I shaved off my mustache and beard.  In some cultures the man cuts off his hair to demonstrate his mourning.

The Big Book talks about putting on sack cloth and ashes. This is my version.


Larry Purviance said...

Oh Dave, my prayers are with you in this Dark Time. You were married to a truly wonderful woman. No words can convey the depth of my sympathy.

dave said...

Thank you Larry. SHe was a special person and I was lucky enough to share my life with her.
Thanks again.